• Enhancing Your Quality of Life with Reiki

    by Dave Lappin

    A few years ago, I had a gentleman contact me who was diagnosed with a terminal lung condition. He asked me if Reiki could cure his condition as he had found a few articles online that proclaimed that their similar terminal lung condition had been cured with Reiki.

    I told him that with Reiki, the only claims we can make is that it will help with stress reduction and pain relief. I did tell him that after the first session that he would feel better...and he did! This gentleman continued to see me weekly for a one hour Reiki session over a three month period and he gradually got better and better. After several months he had an appointment with his doctor to assess his lung condition. It was not cured by any means, but, this gentleman was able to live life, whereas previously, he could not get out of bed without falling down. He was able to go slow dancing with his wife. He was able to help his son with baling hay. He was able to do excavating work!

    With Reiki, it is more about enhancing one's quality of life, more than anything. If you help someone live with less pain and/or stress, you have helped them a great deal. With Reiki, we consistently see improvement with our clients. Reiki helps the client get to a place of feeling good. When they can learn to hold that space of feeling good, a bodily condition can gradually improve.

    Everyone wants to feel good, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Reiki is a tool to enhance one's own innate healing ability. The body knows how to heal itself, but sometimes we get in the way of our own healing process. Reiki helps to get you to that state so that your own body can help accelerate it's innate healing process.

    And how we view ourselves and life will have a huge impact on what quality of life we have. The more you love life, the more it loves you back. When you practice being loving, being appreciative, being caring, then those feelings help enhance your quality of life as well. Reiki is a gentle loving energy that jumpstarts, if you will that place of feeling good, of feeling loved, of feeling cared for. And when you are in that space, wonderful things can and do happen.

  • Possibilities and Reiki

    by Dave Lappin

    Have you ever asked yourself, "What is possible? or "What else is possible?" When it comes to Reiki, one of the things that it helped me to do was to be open to more possibilities. Years ago, after I learned Reiki, I wanted a way to consistently put it into practice. So, my wife and I began attending a weekly Reiki healing circle that was open to the general public, and was a way for Reiki practitioners to practice Reiki.

    When I learned about Reiki and was attuned to it, I really didn't fully understand what I was getting into. It was really something that I wanted to learn. But, it was when I started practicing on a regular basis that my eyes really began to open to the possibilities of what it might do. One of the things I noticed after attending several of these Reiki healing circles and doing several 15 minute session, was the person being worked on, looked and felt so much better after just a 15 minute session. And my wife and I both knew how we felt after receiving a session. We both consistently felt great!

    So, the possibility of being able to "heal" someone, came into my awareness. Actually, what I have since learned is that we don't really heal anyone, rather we help facilitate one's own healing response. We can be conduits for the loving energy that allows the healing process to be accelerated. Today, over 800 hospital in the U.S. offer Reiki along side traditional methods as they have found that healing can be accelerated through receiving Reiki, especially on a regular basis.

    In the Bible, Jesus said that we could do what he did and even more. We have read the stories of healing that Jesus did, so obviously that was one of the things we can possibly do. Although I have done healing work for nearly 25 years, I am still in awe of what it can accomplish. Reiki is used primarily for stress and pain reduction. We have had clients say that it helped them with a myriad of conditions. And, we know from personal experience with these clients that their condition improved. In some cases, their condition totally went away. And for others their condition improved over time while never really being "healed" totally of their condition. In most cases, their quality of life was dramatically improved.

    I really think of Reiki as being the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. I think of the quote from the inventor, Nikola Tesla,  “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." We are way more that these physical bodies, we are also energetic, as well. For most people, that is where they miss the boat. If you just focus on physicality, you keep yourself in a box. When you begin the explore beyond the physical, it open up whole new realms of possibilities. We are all born with the ability to imagine. Imagination is what brings the new to fruition.

    Practicing Reiki can open up your eyes to new possibilities. When a new client asks if Reiki will help their condition, I say that I am open to the possibility of that happening. The cool thing is once you have had successes at doing something, you build the belief and then the knowing that something is possible. You have opened yourself up to live a new reality that was once just a possibility. Just asking the opened ended question of "What if...?", can open new doors. We can live by default or we can be an active participant in life's unfolding.

    I think it is exciting to ponder new possibilities and to be open to see the exciting changes that can happen as a result.