• Reiki Sessions (in-person and distance)

  • We offer Reiki Sessions in Springfield, Missouri at our location.

    Are you suffering from constant pain or stress? Reiki can help!

    Clients report relief from a variety of conditions!

    One hour in-person session - $50. 

    1/2 hour in-person session - $30

    To set up a session, e-mail Dave at dave@reikimissouri.com or call 417-631-3419.



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  • Brenda's sessions are 1 & 1/2 hrs.
    The first 30 minutes of the session are spent finding the core emotion that is behind the health issues and then do an energy clearing. Following this with energy work that will balance the chakras (the body's energy systems). She uses a combination of muscle testing,* Touch for Health techniques and intuition.

    The energy session includes: Advanced energy techniques primarily using Quantum-Touch and Reiki. You receive a broader understanding of the core emotions related to your health issues and suggestions for wholeness and well-being. The challenging energies at the core are always replaced with positive, uplifting energies.x Muscle testing will help you see the transformation that has taken place. This is a life changing process.

    However, Brenda is not the healer. The Divine Source energy/love is the healer combined with your body's innate intelligence that knows how to heal itself when given the opportunity. The energy sessions provides this opportunity.

    Each 1 & 1/2 hr session is $65.

    ALSO: 1 hr using only energy therapies....$50

    * Muscle Testing uses the body's energy system as a feedback mechanism to discern Truth.x The Body Doesn't Lie. (a good book) The body acts like a computer and as an energetic system can be read by those who know how. Call Brenda at 417-869-8551 or e-mail: brendalappin@reikimissouri.com

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  • Distance Reiki Sessions

    Dave Lappin has been practicing distance healing work for about 25 years.

    He offers distance Reiki sessions for those at any location. Reiki is just as effective at a distance as it is in-person.

    Available are both 1/2 hour sessions for $30 and 1 hour sessions for $50.

    Click below to purchase. Dave will contact you once payment is received to set up a time to do the session(s).

    Distance healing sessions