• Reiki Stories

  • What is possible with Reiki - Carl's Story

    In June 2015, Carl from Lampe, MO emailed me. He had been diagnosed with terminal Pulmonary Fibrosis, which is a scaring of the lungs and greatly diminishes breathing capacity. He had heard of Reiki and had found our website and asked if I thought Reiki would help his condition. His doctors had told him that there was nothing more that they could do for him and to go home and make himself comfortable. Basically, they had sent him home to die. So, I told him that I thought that we would see improvement in condition and set up his first appointment the following Tuesday.

    Carl arrived at my office with his oxygen tank in tow and barely being able to speak. He looked, in his words, “like death warmed over.” I did a one hour Reiki session on him. He asked how we should proceed after that. I told him, let’s try for once a week and see how it goes. He agreed.

    The following day at home, his neighbor, Ted came over to visit Carl. Ted knew that Carl was literally on death’s door. Carl said that before coming for Reiki sessions, that he could barely get out of bed without falling down. On this day following his first Reiki session, though, Carl was in great spirits. He was jokng around and doing things. Ted could not believe his eyes. Ted didn’t ask why he was feeling better and he went home. Not totally believing the condition he saw Carl in, he came back to his house and saw they he was still in a great mood. This time he asked Carl, “What are you on??” Carl replied that he was getting “Reiki therapy.” Ted was impressed.

    Carl continued to come for Reiki sessions, week after week. On one day when coming up to the door for his session, I noticed something was different with Carl. He came into my office and sat down in the chair. It then dawned on me, he didn’t have his oxygen tank with him that typically was his constant companion. After five Reiki sessions, he was now able to go up to eight hours a day without oxygen. Carl was obviously improving!

    After a few more sessions, Carl shared with me that he had gone out slow dancing with his wife. I was floored! Here is a guy that could barely get out of bed about a month and half prior to that. He had also been helping his son with hay baling, although sitting in an air conditioned cab.

    In addtion to having regular Reiki sessions, Carl was also having weekly breathing therapy. After having seen me for about two months, he told me that his therapist had just released him from the breathing therapy and that he was the first one EVER to be released from that! The therapist said that all of the others “went home in a box.” He told his therapist that he was getting regular Reiki sessions. The therapist said, “Well, whatever you are doing, keep on doing it!”

    Carl looked better and better each week. Now, after three months of weekly Reiki sessions, his was down to only using 4 tanks of oxygen a week, where before he had been using 16 tanks a week. He also had been doing some excavating work in some subdivisions that he owns. Plus, he was able to go bowling.

    Today, Carl is a new man. He looks great and is able to lead a mostly normal, productive life. After getting checked out by his doctor, Carl now has normal lung function. And Carl signed up for one of our Reiki Level 1 classes, so he could do Reiki on himself. By the way, Carl’s neighbor, Ted, started coming for regular Reiki sessions as well, as he was having painful back spasms two to three times a day. After one session, his back spasms reduced to two to three times a week. After the next session, down to once a week, and then to none after the fourth session.

    Typically, I will tell a client that Reiki is for stress reduction and pain relief...and what happens after that is gravy! So, what is possible with Reiki? The results speak for themselves. I never really know how a client will respond to Reiki, only knowing for sure that they will improve. It is very gratifying to see our Reiki clients improve the quality of their lives. And that really is what it is all about when it comes down to it. As we say in our Reiki classes, “we are not the healer.” We set the stage, if you will, for healing to occur, and that Reiki simply elevates the client to a higher state of well-being and the client matches and holds that higher state. Yes, Reiki works!

    Dave Lappin, Reiki Master

  • Reiki for Pets

    When I was taking my Reiki I and Reiki II classes, I knew I wanted to use it for pets.  I figured if it was good for people, it would be good for my pets.  I had no idea just how powerful of a tool Reiki was until I put it to the “test”.  I was attuned to Reiki II on August 29, 2006.  Almost a month later, on September 22, my little 8 year old beagle, Sadie, had a seizure.  For the past 7 years, she would have 4-6 seizures a year.  The seizures would last about 30-45 minutes from start to finish, with the worst part lasting about 15 minutes.  During that time, I would just hold her, letting her know she wasn’t alone.  Even with valium, the seizures would last about 20 minutes and then there would be the groggy side effects of the drug.  

    On that day, when she started to have a seizure, I went into “seizure management” mode, forgetting all about my Reiki training.  My husband, Milo, suggested we try Reiki.  What happened next was unbelievable.  She never went into her usual grand mal seizure; rather she trembled very little, and was out of the entire episode in less than 10 minutes!!  The only thing different was that we did Reiki.  WOW!  At her regular veterinarian appointment a few months later, the doctor asked about her seizures.  I hesitantly told him about using Reiki and the results we had.  To my amazement he told me that he had seen Reiki work too well for too many animals to discount it.  He then told me to keep doing what I was doing.  He explained that as long as I could use Reiki to manage her seizures, it would be a much better alternative to the drugs and their side effects.  Reiki could help put off the need for drugs, another WOW!  Here it is 9 months later, and Sadie has been seizure free.  I have used Reiki to help manage not only her seizures, but also her arthritis in her back knees.  The veterinarian is very pleased with how healthy she is and is amazed she doesn’t limp due to the severity of her arthritis.  We do give her glucosamine in addition to the Reiki.  The other day, she actually jumped up on me when I didn’t give her a treat fast enough! 

    Most of my work with animals has been done with my Reiki II level.  I have recently obtained my Reiki Master level.  I’m very excited to see where this journey will take me.  As long as it includes animals, it will be a good journey!

    Sherri DeLozier Carter, Reiki Master

  • Back Pain Gone

    I did some Reiki as well as some pulse point realignment (both in conjunction) and she (my hairdresser)/(hairdresser #1) loved it!  She said that she had been having terrible back pain and hadn't been to the chiropractor for some time.  She really didn't care what I was going to do to her, she just wanted something to help.  After I finished, she walked into the salon beaming and acting very calm, laid back, and generally chilled.  She is NEVER like this.  She's more of the high-strung, always a crisis going on, abrasive-type person.  The other lady (hairdresser #2) couldn't believe the change in this woman's demeanor and wanted whatever the other one got!  Hairdresser #2 also thought that #1 had smoked something illegal in the back due to her change in demeanor....apparently it was THAT noticeable and dramatic.

    She (hairdresser #2) had the same response......very laid back with a large grin plastered on her face when everything was finished.  All tension was gone from shoulders and sinuses began draining instantly.  Both of these ladies were loving life after the energy-everything was funny and nothing in the world was wrong!

    I called about another haircut and hairdresser #1 said if I would do whatever I did to her before, she would give me a free haircut.  She said that for the first time since she could remember, she fell asleep easily and slept well all night.  Her back pain had not returned either, but she loved the way the energy felt.

    C.C., Oklahoma